Drop down in sunken living room

by Rita
(Gladewater, TX)

Drop down living room step

Drop down living room step

Question We are having laminate floors put in our sunken living room. The flooring has been laid on the floor in one direction; however, we don't know whether or not to do the drop down vertically or horizontally. On two walls we can match the direction of the floor (horizontally), but on the other two, it seems that it would look better if we cut small pieces and placed vertically. The installer said whichever we wanted. Any suggestions?

Answer I don't usually install the riser vertically. Mainly because I like the step to be noticeable for safety reasons. However its really up to your own preference as to how you want it to look. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. It may be a little extra work for the installer also.

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