Allen and Roth Went Bad

by Sal and Linda

Allen + Roth is the worst product on the market!

They claim 100% lifetime guarantee and at the same time put a disclaimer on their product guarantee that covers every possible event that can happen to a floor.
In our case ! the laminate is peeling and the seams are swelling the answer I received was in part moisture in the air, moisture on the floor, wrong products used to clean, mold , improper install, poor or bad sub floor, and the list goes on.

Hi Sal and Linda
When I installed the Allen and Roth laminate flooring, it all went well and was a nice
looking floor. After receiving many negative comments from folks I think that this isn't such
a great floor after all.

I never heard from my client complaining about
the Allen and Roth flooring.

I have not installed a lot of it so if the number of negative reports keep coming in I would stay clear of this product.

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